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About Us

The Story of Lighthouse Church

Lighthouse was planted in 2015 with a handful of families, including Pastor Josh and his family, with a vision of making disciples, being centered on the gospel, loving each other in community, and living on mission. We began in a living room and 7 years later have an average of 300-350 people in attendance on Sunday mornings, with up to 100 of those people being kids in 6th grade and under. The Lord has blessed Lighthouse to be a church characterized by grace, relationship, and a passion for following Jesus in every area of our lives.

People are especially attracted to (in no particular order) our Biblical teaching, genuine warmth, and our vibrant children and youth ministries led by parents within the church who passionately love God and love the kids. Pastor Josh likes to say that if Lighthouse was an animal, we’d be a golden retriever. It's obvious that we are relational from the fact that an hour after a Sunday morning service, there’s usually plenty of people hanging around still talking and connecting.

Lighthouse has been transitioning from a small church plant to a more sustainable disciple-making presence in our area. There were about 150 people attending before Covid, and in the last 2 years we’ve grown by an additional 200 people, in no small part because we remained open when other churches moved to online-only. The Lord graciously blessed us to be able to purchase our building in October of last year, but we’re already feeling the pinch of using the building to maximum capacity. While we’re looking toward potentially moving to two services, we do not yet have the pastoral staff or volunteers to make that change. Because we are a church plant, and because we have grown so quickly, we have had to build a lot of our ministries and systems while the plane is in the air. Part of that process includes hiring more staff. Right now, our staff consists of Pastor Josh and two part-time staff. We are prayerfully pursuing hiring an additional 2-3 full-time staff over the coming year.

While we have our issues and weaknesses like any church, it’s clear that the Lord is working in mighty ways in our church. We look forward to where God will lead us next!

The Area

The greater Tri-Cities area is a somewhat isolated city centered in Eastern Washington at the conjunction of the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima Rivers. Seattle and Portland are 3.5 hours away by car. The population is approximately 300,000 and growing. Since 2000, no other community in the state of Washington has grown faster than the Tri-Cities. Because we are next to the Hanford Nuclear Site, there has been an abundance of jobs and money coming into the area for many years. The Tri-Cities is safe, clean, and attractive for families raising their kids. We’re known to have over 300 days of sunshine a year.